Your Enduring Legacy

A name is a legacy, demonstrating your commitment for decades to come. The following are for framing only, with specifics based on several factors (generally assuming 50% of construction/renovation cost, plus/minus market, visibility, and more). Donors collaborate with University of Michigan Health-Sparrow Senior Leadership to outline an approved plan for their gift. Those with cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more receive lifetime membership in the Philanthropist League, as well as additional recognition.

UM Health-Sparrow Health System is proud to be joining University of Michigan Health. As a donor to UM Health-Sparrow, your gift will remain local under the authority of UM Health-Sparrow Foundation, and will continue to be invested to further improve our services and offerings in the Mid-Michigan region.

Naming Opportunities Gift Level Recognition
Campus Building/Large Site of Care $25,000,000+ Exterior Lettering
Tower/Wing $20,000,000+ Interior Etched Large Tribute Plaque
Ambulatory Site $10,000,000+ Exterior Signage
Large Site of Care/Services $5,000,000+ Inclusion on Exterior Wayfinding, Interior Lettering
Specialty Service Area $2,500,000+ 12" Interior Wall Lettering
Endowed Chair/Medical Director $2,500,000+ Named Fund, Included on Website Listing and 12x12 Plaque
Endowed Fellowship $1,250,000+ Named Fund, Included on Website Listing
Specialty Department/Dedicated Care Area (ex. Granger Pediatric ER) $1,000,000+ 8" Wall Lettering
Outdoor Spaces $1,000,000+ As appropriate for space/place
Unit-based areas $750,000+ 4" Wall Lettering
Specialty Area $500,000+ 16x16 Plaque
Lounge $250,000+ 10x10 Plaque
OR/Surgical Suite or Advanced Technology Areas $250,000+ 10x10 Plaque
Conference Spaces $125,000+ 10x10 Plaque
Private Lounge Areas $100,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Procedural Suite $100,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Team Member Lounge $75,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Retail/boutique areas $75,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Nurses Station $75,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Procedure Room, draw station, or similar $75,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Private Infusion Room, dressing rooms, or similar $50,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Named Endowed Funds benefitting specific service lines/needs $25,000+ Named fund, included on website listing. For gifts of $250,000+, 12x12 etched plaque.
Patient Room/Exam Room $25,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Physician Offices $25,000+ 8x8 Plaque
Art $10,000+ 3x5 Plaque
Bench $5,000+ Metal Plate
Tree $2,500+ Staked Plate

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