University of Michigan Health-Sparrow Emergency Center Okemos (NOW OPEN)

University of Michigan Health-Sparrow Emergency Center Okemos (NOW OPEN)

Expanding critical emergency and primary care across our region

At UM Health-Sparrow, we believe exceptional care should be readily accessible to everyone. For that reason, UM Health-Sparrow Emergency Center Okemos was established to serve as a new, free-standing emergency department and primary care clinic in Okemos. This facility expands access to emergency care and, for outlying communities, serves as a bridge connecting to care. It directly ties people in these communities to the expert care available at UM Health-Sparrow Lansing and the rest of the UM Health-Sparrow network, an essential connection that was previously left unfulfilled.



A fully equipped, 24-hour emergency department and primary care practice, offering onsite imaging with instant analyses from radiology technicians.

Filling a Geographic Need

This single-story, 30,000-total-square-foot facility located at the corner of Jolly Road and Kansas Road in Okemos offers care unique to its region.

Non-Trauma Emergencies

Ideal for emergencies not associated with physical trauma, such as concussions and heart attacks, though traumatic injuries such as broken bones can be treated and directed to UM Health-Sparrow’s Level 1 Trauma Center if needed.

Direct Admission and Transfers

Directly admits and transfers patients to UM Health-Sparrow Lansing if necessary, connecting to the area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center (the highest certification available). This will decrease wait times for patients at both locations.

Primary Care Offices

Houses six primary care physicians and UM Health-Sparrow Medical Group offices, bringing an exceptional family practice site to a convenient location.

A Network of Support

Expands UM Health-Sparrow’s web of support, connecting this part of our community to UM Health-Sparrow Lansing and the rest of the health system.

In the News

The Lansing State Journal covers the unveiling of UM Health-Sparrow Emergen cy Center Okemos and its benefits to the community.

Levels of Support and Naming Opportunities

Facility projections are updated as of Oct. 1, 2022. While this facility is now open and operating, donor support remains vital. For questions on additional opportunities, please contact UM Health-Sparrow Foundation at 517-364-3620 or at All funds and gifts stay local, making a difference right here in Mid-Michigan.

Investment Location Availability
$5,000,000 Naming of Emergency Center 1
$2,500,000 Endowed Emergency Medical Director 1
$1,000,000 Imaging Services 1
$250,000 SMG Waiting/Lounge Generously funded
$250,000 Emergency Department Waiting 1
$150,000 Shared Conference Room 1
$125,000 Imaging - CT 1
$125,000 Imaging - Ultrasound 2
$125,000 Imaging - X-Ray 2
$100,000 Team Member Suite - Break Room, Lockers, Wellness Generously funded
$100,000 Emergency Department Lab 1
$100,000 Emergency Department EKG 1
$100,000 UM Health-Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) Lab 1
$100,000 SMG Procedure Room 1
$75,000 Outpatient Imaging - Gowned Waiting / Changing 1
$75,000 Bariatric Isolation / Resuscitation 1
$75,000 Emergency Department Resuscitation 1
$75,000 Family Consult 1
$50,000 Results Pending 1
$50,000 Nursing Station / Chart Work 1
$50,000 Consult 1
$50,000 Rapid Assessment (Flex Exam / Triage) 1
$50,000 Patient / Nurse Navigation Office 1
$25,000 Emergency Department Exam Room Limited remaining
$25,000 SMG Exam Room Limited remaining
$25,000 Care Facilitator / Manager / Provider Offices 6
$10,000 Art Installation TBD
$10,000 Emergency Department Phlebotomy Station 1

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