A Community-Wide Investment Plan

Updates and improvements across the health system will expand the realm of what’s possible for our region’s evolving health care landscape.

Expanded geographic reach

Every corner of our region deserves access to exceptional care. Investments across the region at our community hospitals — UM Health-Sparrow Carson, UM Health-Sparrow Clinton, UM Health-Sparrow Eaton and UM Health-Sparrow Ionia — will strengthen the patient experience at every corner of the community.

Responsiveness to vast needs

In health care, nobody can predict exactly what the future holds — but with the proper tools and leading-edge technology, we can better prepare for the unexpected. New proactive technology will allow us to stay on top of innovations that will empower us to remain responsive for the varied, cradle-to-grave care needs of our community.

Increased personalization of care

From preventative care to diagnostic care to treatment, it is our priority to offer every patient whichever specific level of care they may need, whenever and wherever they need it. Expansion of our services across locations will allow us to amplify the specificity of our care, personalizing to every patient’s story.

Regional leadership

As the region’s largest employer, expansions and improvements will align UM Health-Sparrow at the forefront of industry trends and continue to attract the very best skilled team members to our region.

Improved patient and team member experience

We understand that the holistic patient experience plays a significant role in care and healing. Updates and improvements such as all-private patient rooms and infrastructure improvements will increase speed to service, modernize our facilities and therefore offer a more positive experience for both patients and team members.

Current Projects

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